Day 5

Today i knitted in the garden in a break in the rain , sat at the table with a pot of earl grey tea & the sounds of grasshoppers.

The yarn today is banana yarn , yes , banana yarn.It is my favourite yarn.It feels so soft & silk like , so is a perfect vegan silk.

Some info here :-

Characteristics of Banana Fiber
Banana fiber is a natural bast fiber. It has its own physical and chemical characteristics and many other properties that make it a fine quality fiber.
Appearance of banana fiber is similar to that of bamboo fiber and ramie fiber, but its fineness and spinnability is better than the two.
The chemical composition of banana fiber is cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin.
It is highly strong fiber.
It has smaller elongation.
It has somewhat shiny appearance depending upon the extraction & spinning process.
It is light weight.
It has strong moisture absorption quality. It absorbs as well as releases moisture very fast.
It is bio- degradable and has no negative effect on environment and thus can be categorized as eco-friendly fiber.
Its average fineness is 2400Nm.
It can be spun through almost all the methods of spinning including ring spinning, open-end spinning, bast fiber spinning, and semi-worsted spinning among others.


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