Day 6

The yarn today is silver chosen by Iona from the bag of’s a nice contrast to the deep colour of the banana yarn.

Been a bit of an “out of sorts ” type of day .Plenty of questions around art, what is art, who decides what is art, who decides what is worthy of inclusion etc.

My knit a year piece has seemingly fallen off of the inclusion list with certain local “art  establishments “…despite wanting to show my idea , being enthused & interested  ……………..

So despite some reactions i’m doing this because i want to , because i want to be showing how reuse of yarn can be interesting, wanting to share a yarn or tale or two or 365 , also those that are behaving in this way are the tiny minority & many other places want to show my project, those community groups that want me to share with them , those people on freecycle that have donated me yarn etc those are the kinds of community building links i’m interested in.

So tomorrow will see me at the Hornbeam centre  doing my knitting & talking to people about the local knit, craft & sewing group, being inclusive & community minded.

Ok , polemic over , I’m off to the local yoga/art/cafe space for a relax


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