Day 11

Day 11

The yarn is a mauve colour acrylic from freecycle.

Knitted on the sofa in the evening after a tough emotional day.

I’m finding through keeping the blog & journal i can see what a lot of stuff happens in my life , good positive stuff mixed in with everyday tasks plus alot of stuff that isn’t easy or everyday to deal with.

My health is not good & any stress takes it’s toll so to be able to manage this project & stick with doing it everyday is a major achivement & i hope in time something i can look back on as a source of strength.

Alongside my health issues i am a carer for my daughter.She has recently been diagnosed with a condition that makes life very difficult for her at times , we are both coming to terms with what it means for her & for us as a family.

I have to care, provide support & deal with how the condition manifests itself as well as being a mum …sometimes the going is tough.

So just looking back through the last 11 days has given me pause to stop & reflect a little  and start again being positive


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