Day 13

The journal is starting to look as i imagined , pages stiff with yarn glued on, the writing in different colours as my mood takes me, pages on the journal starting to hold open, soon the journal will take on the semicircular shape with bits of the yarn peeping out, the journal plain cover & pages filled with jewel like yarns in many textures ……i just love the noise the pages make when turned now.

So onto day 13

day 13 was a very busy day & i had day 2 of a migraine so although i felt like knitting for ages only did a few rows.

What a few rows tho, knitted in a sumptuous  autumn brown slubby acrylic yarn that was given to me by Margaret at knitting group.

A definite Autumn feel in the air, the trees, the smell of the earth so i’m drawn to knit in autumnal colours.Day 12 the mossy green & day 13 the atumn orangey brown.

It felt so soft & warm to knit with that i’ve decided to make a scarf out of the 1 balls i have of this yarn.Watch this space for photos….

Today tho i am off to finish the 1st sock i’ve ever knitted & then start on the 2nd…

as well as knitting day 14 at the knit group.


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