Day 16

Today i knitted with some silver eyelash yarn that i had left over from making a scarf for my daughter last year, as i’m now making her another one out of a funky pink yarn i’ve decided to tie a bit of the new yarn to the eyelash yarn on the piece.

The plan is to have beads & other bits tied to some of the tails on the knit a year piece.

So far i have a few suitable beads &  a twig to tie onto day 13 Autumn coloured yarn.

I’m very happy to receive donations of beads & other bits to tie on as well as yarn.

Today i wanted to be by the sea , walk on a beach, hear the waves, make a spiral of stones on the sand & watch the incoming tide wash them away, followed by a walk in the woods with old gnarly trees bent low by the wind , then dinner cooked on a wood burning stove in a yurt, watch the sunset with the man i love.

I’m in London & know that one day soon that will happen.

For now tho it’s cup of tea, library books & knitting for me …once i get off of the internet that is


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