day 27

hello to all of you checking in to see how the knitting is going.

I haven’t done the knitting yet today so will put photo up in the morning.

Emotional roller coaster today.

1st i miss my man sooooo much already & he only went this morning.

2nd is that i’m coming to terms with my daughter’s illness.It’s pants really & i don’t want her to be ill, i don’t want to see her go through it or be subjected to how it manifests.

Today i went to a carers meeting specifically for carers of young people with mental health conditions.

It will be a good meeting to learn about the conditions & share experiences, give & gain support etc.

But for today it was just so heartbreaking…….all of us there in bits emotionally & not knowing how to help or what to do for the best, all of us exhausted, worried, sad, isolated & wanting so much to be anywhere other than in that room.

Choking back tears & trying to be strong.

Today has been a tough one & i’ve still got to get through the evening & cook dinner.

Then hopefully off to a relaxation session at the yoga centre & knit before bed


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