day 32 OR get bad news & still knit day

Day 32 & i received bad news.I’ve had a lot of health problems over the last few years & 3 surgeries due to Endometriosis.

Well i’ve had results of an MRI scan & been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine…already there is damage & a protruding disc.No wonder i’ve been in pain & unable to lift anything !

So it was really a big blow to get this news, i was distraught, crying & wondering what on earth i was going to do about work.

Several hours on the phone sorting out all the official stuff, making appointments & dealing with the financial implications left me worn out.

I want to retrain & continue with the korean Hand Massage training i’ve already done BUT i need to earn in order to save for the training.No government help for me.

I’ve got to search for funding .

So the very last thing i wanted to do was knit.After a long call with my very supportive partner i was willing to give it a go.

Crying my way to the yarn stash , all through choosing the yarn& joining in & then the magic of knit a year took over…………i did 4 rows.

What a struggle but so worth it.

Now onto the yarn , it is another of Dee from Nottingham’s upcycled yarn.A cotton 3ply , a thin light yarn  & as always a pleasure to knit with.

Blue as i was feeling “blue “.

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