day 35 & catch up with life via knit a year

So day 35 is a light blue acrylic double knit that was donated through freecycle.

A few days back i changed onto some bamboo needles , lovely new bamboo needles.They are of course a different size needle , not by much but not the right size to do knit a year with : (

As i’m using different types of yarn & knitting in garter stitch unless i keep to a smaller size needle then some yarns knit up very lacy ( looks great but has no strength ) so it’s back to the small needles from now on.

I’be had a few rough days with health & coming to terms with the diagnosis.

As ever i’ve recovered my positivity & am looking into funding to help me change my life.

It got me down that for the sake of a few hundred pound i can finish retraining & earn my living without damaging my spine or making the arthritis worse.

i want to complete my training in Korean Hand Massage , i’ve done the introduction course & have previous studied anatomy & physiology.

I need to retake the anatomy & physiology that is accepted by the insuring body & then take the final part of training at the College of Chinese medicine in London.

Then register with the Accupuncture Society  & away i go.

I already have a centre where i can practice & my plan would be to be a mobile therapist.I have a business plan & just need that 1st financial step .

So it’s mission on to find funding & change my life around.

I refuse to be defined or beaten by my health problems & a lack of money.I have so much to give & am good at what i do.Thinking positive ……….

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