reflecting on the night before my daughter was born 17 years ago

I’ve been thinking abut the night before my daughters birth.I went into labour during the night , it was a huge storm & flooding everywhere.Lots of dramatic thunder & lightening & trees down.The midwife had to climb over a fallen tree blocking the road in order to get to my house, power cuts & candles, a long night & at 8.50 am, my lovely daughter was born.

And now onto the nerdy bit  …………

Information from historical weather site (Autumn):
1. The COLDEST autumn (September, October & November) since 1952. The CET anomaly was (minus) 1.7degC on the 1961-90 average; [ c.f. (minus) 2.3degC for the 1952 event. ]
> October 1993 was a very WET month over much of eastern and southern Britain, with the wettest weather occurring in the first half of the month – particularly in the southeastern part of England. The WET spell culminated in three days of heavy rain between the 11th and the 13th with serious FLOODING in south-east England, East Anglia, Lincolnshire and parts of the east Midlands.


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