sunny autumn sunday otherwise known as day 38

It is such a beautiful autumn day here.The leaves are turning colour  & there are even some of the ground ready to crunch underfoot.

Went out for a short walk & picked up some leaves to go in the journal today.

The yarn today is a grey acrylic/wool mix that was donated from freecycle. I knitted whilst a lasagne cooked in oven , listening to comedy on radio 7 , cats enjoying the sunny windowsill.

Spent the morning reading & knitting some more of the scarf i’m making for my daughter, reflecting on how quickly the last 17 years have gone.My daughter is 17 tomorow.I remember the day before she was born very clearly as there was a huge storm with many trees blown down…i went into labour during the night of the storm.

Birthday day out tomorrow & i will be knitting with ribbon to mark the day as a birthday.

Now tho i best get off to check the dinner…i can smell lasagne

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