day 42 otherwise known as can’t get any space from it no matter what i do

I will be knitting day 42 later today at the knit group.

Right now i’m struggling & feeling really upset.I feel i can’t get any space from the situation of being a carer, yesterday i went to visit a friend i hadn’t seen in a year who had recently had surgery , all the way through the journey i had phone calls from my dd & key worker , i got back home & had to deal with the fallout from dd condition & the life impacting consequences of decisions taken whilst in a manic phase.

This morning i was woken by a call from the keyworker at 8.20  , dd is not at college & concern is mounting.

I would love to have just a day where i can get up & through the day without numerous phone calls & dealing with the fallout from dd actions,some days the phone is ringing whilst i’m using the toilet , doing the shopping, cooking dinner, on the way to or from work, at work, at the doctors, at the hospital, visiting a friend, at knit group, at the yoga centre .It’s either dealing with it all, the appointments, the calls & the results of manic behaviour in my home……….

turn off phone ? not an option when you are a carer.

Am off to try & carve out a bit of a day for myself


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