day 43 or knit at Tate Modern

Today i was up early to attend an appointment at hospital re the arthritis in my spine, i got to see the MRI results.There is a worn out vertebra & bulging disc.I’m off to physiotherapy & awaiting medication & painkillers.Future options are injections into the spine or surgery, no lifting.

So after this a nice visit to Tate Modern was just right.I wanted to see the installation of a million sunflower seeds by Ai WeiWei.Sadly the Tate has decided that you are unable to walk over the sunflowers as 1st intended.Shame.

I knitted sitting above the turbine hall then hung the piece on the railings above.Then went outside & put the piece in the trees outside.I really got a sense of how it will look when finished & exhibited.

The yarn today was given to me by Margaret from the knit group, it is a very thin fluffy polyester.Very lightweight to knit with.

An early night for me , tired & in pain after all the hospital examinations earlier.


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