The coat from Guetamala

More photos to follow of this coat.The previous owner explained that each embroidered piece is specific to a particular group or village of people , i am really interested in this & will be doing a bit of research   into the origins of this coat.The panels of indigo coloured material were made using a back strap loom.


2 comments on “The coat from Guetamala

  1. not just the pieces of indigo material but also the red striped cotton also made on a back strap loom. You can usually see this because the width of the material is very narrow. One of the groups of Guatamalan native people uses this striped material for the men’s trousers. Ironically, these different designs were introduced by the Spanish conquistadors as a way of identifying the groups of ethnic people and thus controlling them. However, the native people adopted this big time. Hope you or someone else is enjoying wearing the jacket. Good wishes, Marian Temple (original owner).

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