catch up day 49 & donations aplenty

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Another extremely busy day & i knitted late in the evening struggling to keep eyes open…once again the magic of crafting knit a year took over.

Day 49 is knitted with a very fluffy fancy yarn donated to me by the lovely Margaret at my local knit group, she got it from a charity shop for 25 p ! I also got another fancy yarn from her & two balls of acrylic 4ply donated from a new knit group member Concetta which she had used to knit a truly beautiful dress with embroidered flowers on it , hope to get a picture soon.

Today day 50 i am going to visit one of my oldest friends & her mother has donated me some wool/yarn so  will be knitting with that ….no idea what type it is or what colour so will be a totally random choice today.

I’m so pleased to find that my blog is now the featured blog in the “blogs about craft ” section  …happy me


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