catching up with days 54 & 55

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What a full on few days!

Yarn for day 54 was chosen as it is such a warm Autumnal orange & it was grey,rainy & cold outside so i was drawn to a warming colour.It is another of the acrylic yarns that i was given by Cheryl’s mum.

Day 55 i received the most amazingly lime green romanesco cauliflower in the organic vegbox that i just had to knit with the lime green yarn from Cheryls’ mum………this was great timing as i had been wondering when i was going to knit with it .Not a shade i’m usually drawn to.

day 55 was the monthly carers meeting.A room full of carers all there to learn & share experiences.

I struggled through this meeting as my  daughter was nearly hospitalised last week.What i found was that those carers are all so willing to share ( however difficult )their experiences & i was offered comfort & kind words, information & a bit of strength to carry on .

Amazing people doing all they can for their loved one.

Also yesterday i found that 1 department considers me still employed & another doesn’t …how can i be employed & dismissed at the same time ? So as one department refuses to give me my p45 meaning i can’t claim benefits the other says you haven’t got a job.So i’ve taken advice & gone to my union & will proceed from here.Meanwhile i have no income…no wages, no sick pay, no SSP & no benefits.So another lot of paperwork & unnecessary stress to deal with…………

At least i’m still knitting






One comment on “catching up with days 54 & 55

  1. Hi there – glad I finally checked out the blog – it looks very cheery and a great thing to do as well as being therapeutic

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