catching up with days 56 & 57

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So days 56 & 57 …what alot going on in my life at the moment.Apart from the caring role & my own health i am now having to deal with an unfair dismissal case with the ex employers causing as much stress as possible through their incompetence .grrrr…of course this makes my pain from the arthritis worse.


That aside i have been knitting

day 56 is a white acrylic donated by Cheryls mum & day 57 is another fancy yarn donated by Margaret at my knit group.

Chosen as i was drawn to the clear bright colours ….my life is so complicated just now & all caused by outside influence.I like clarity in situations so i think i was drawn the to white yarn as it was a clean sparkling  white.

A white colour reminds me of a blank canvas just sparkling white waiting for the artist to put their colours upon it ….that is how i view my life at the moment…except i want to be putting the colours upon my own canvas.


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