day 58 307 to go

day 58 is here  only another 307 to go .


Today i am visiting my old friend in her new house…chat & knit amongst the boxes & fuss the cats.

I will also be working on a project i have on the go & some more of the purple flowers…i plan to knit more of these flowers using Grundl yarn & make them into brooches…watch this space for photos as soon as they are completed.

I’m also inspired to do some felting which i haven’t done in absolutely ages….i have a netbook cover to make for my partner.In true upcycling style i  have been given an old felted jumper which i plan to add my own felted design to then sew up into a netbook cover.

right now tho it’s off to get on with the day

make a chick pea,spinach & purple potato curry

do some laundry

tidy the front room then off on the bus to visit the new house

planning a quite evening in as house to myself with knitting, book & cats on sofa .

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