day 64

So day 64 is here.I’ve yet to knit as simply haven’t had a chance…so will be knitting later this evening, hopefully on the sofa, cosy with cats for company.

caring for someone experiencing a mental health problem is exhausting & has a major impact on your own life & activities as well as being just heartbreaking at times.

Today i went out  to meet a friend & her mum for tea , after i was going to have a slow wander around some charity shops & just have a little explore in an area i’m not familiar with…but had to rush back as was needed urgently.

so , it is extremely tough right now…..seems i’ve been saying that for a few weeks now but that is my reality.

I have plans for the future  & have to believe that things will calm down & i can achieve those plans & get my own health improved too.

Will have photos of knitting ready to post here in the morning………. now to decide which yarn ………


2 comments on “day 64

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