day 65

Sadly today the meet up with a friends had to be canceled…wishing her daughter a speedy recovery.So no new completely random gifted yarn today.

However i did knit with a strand of white eyelash yarn that Margaret gave to me.It was literally just long enough to join in yarn & knit the 2 rows.

Am getting through as best i can this weekend.Not easy.I have no words to describe it today, just getting through.

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2 comments on “day 65

  1. Sorry your outing was canceled. I actually got to meet with friends today and knit. It was a welcome and needed break. Can you believe you’ve already gone for 65 days? It does go fast! I’m up to day 217. Amazing! ha ha
    Knit on!

    • Hi, thanks yes only another 300 to go !
      It has gone so fast.Well done on your day 217.Have you ever missed doing a day? sometimes i wonder if i’m going to do it every day but always manage to & i really want to see the project through.

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