normalish service resumed..where where we ?

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photos are of the project up to day 75. Day 75 yarn is a blue rug yarn that was scrap & donated to me.I thought a nice contrast  to the oranges & reds that i’ve used lately.

It is turning out to be a very busy week …… too busy  really but that seems to be how things are going lately.

Yesterday i had an Indian head massage provided free by the local carers association…such a needed treat.The tension in those shoulder muscles was just awful & am sure the cause of migraine i had recently.

After that it was off to a meeting with my daughters’ key workers……what a waste of time………. 3 hours of buses in the fog & heavy traffic for a 2 minute meeting where i wasn’t actually told anything.These people should actually consider the carers role…those 3 hours of travel meant that dinner was really very late in the evening which caused extra pressure on me & alot of stress all round.


I’ve yet to knit today not sure what colour yet…………..

Tomorrow i’m off to physiotherapy & then hopefully to meet an old friend i haven’t seen in 20 years…in the U.K for a visit .


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