days 76 & 77

Busy busy busy !

the yarns for both days are donated scraps of rug yarn.

Two deep red & orange colours. Photos tomorrow as can’t get a decent picture taken tonight ; i’m learning how to use the camera i’ve been lent & in certain light i keep getting shadows……so will experiment & get some photo updates here in the morning.

Today i’ve been for my 1st physiotherapy appointment…….ouch but am hopeful that the exercises will help to free the trapped appointment in 10 days.

Then i’ve had a trip to Waterloo & met a very old friend from school days that i haven’t seen in 20 odd years ! Was great to meet up & have a chat…hope to keep up the contact now too.

I should be buying a new journal tomorrow as i have  used the last page today………. no idea what kind although i dreamt that i had a purple floral design journal last night so wait & see what the shops hold……..

This week is certainly a week of meeting up with people from many years ago….i am meeting my friend Cheryls mum tomorrow…i haven’t see her since i was 2o ish either.I will be taking the knit a year project to show her as she has donated a lot of yarn for the project & is herself a keen knitter.I am the proud owner of knitted battenburg cakes & cupcakes  !


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