up to day 105

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It’s all a bit stressful here today .Knitting is keeping me sane .

Ok so the yarn for day 105 is an acid green cotton…… just perfect for a classic 1950’s alien face cloth that i’ve had the pattern for for over a year just waiting for that perfect colour yarn in a charity shop.I found it yesterday.It will also be used to make petals & leaves for all the flowers i’m going to be knitting.

The alien cloth pattern was from the wonderful resource of Knitting Pattern Central


Whilst i was in the charity shop buying the green yarn i got talking to a fellow knitter who turned out to be just the person i was intending to email re a new local art project !

So i hope to be come involved with this project, going out walking to the local shops & promoting the idea.

New Local Arts Group: Leyton Gallery
A group of local artists ask for help in setting up their new local arts project. Leyton Gallery is a group of Leyton residents who care very much about Leyton and care very much about art in the community. They would like to promote art in Leyton by linking local artists with local businesses such as cafes, hairdressers, places of worship, shops etc with a view to having a permanent but changing exhibition of artwork throughout Leyton. At present, they are seeking other like minded local residents to join in this project so if you want to find out more, to contribute artwork or just to keep an eye on what is happening in the area, please email to be put on the mailing list.

The knit a year project will be dispalyed somewhere in this scheme


So day 104 was a double knit acrylic that i also got from a charity shop.day 103 is a sage green cotton that was a freecycle donation.

Today day 106 has yet to be knitted……….


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