And i’m back to the blog

Well life has just been busy & difficult & i haven’t been well.On the positive i have managed to knit every day & i have a good attitude towards regaining my health & moving on with life.The 1st meeting of the new group E11 Crafty Knitters went well & posters have been put up & people showing an interest.I’m getting the posters translated into Somali & Polish too.

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The yarns used are all donated or gifted to me .

I have been offered some yarn via this blog …the 1st offer & i’m really pleased & excited .Will update as soon as i’ve got it & am knitting with it.Such fun.

I will be aiming to get a few blog posts done during the next week…to preserve my sanity if nothing else.It is a week of hospital appointments & a day in hospital to receive a spinal injection under sedation …….so i may be out of action for a day or so then.

So photos………


2 comments on “And i’m back to the blog

  1. hi thanks for your comment on my blog – blomming marvellous – knitted garden project.

    yes i would love you and your group to join in and knit flowers, fruit, veg or whatever you fancy!

    if you want to submit a group piece -which would mean you have some text, photo and group details displayed – then there are some larger items needed. give me a call.
    01202 392055

    cheers, pauline
    ps. love your blog x

    • Hi , thanks for nice comment about the blog. I’m always interested to know what people think of it & the project.
      I will definately submit something .We are having a group meeting on Tuesday so will see what the interest is there.A big group piece sounds good to me .

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