Day’s 140 & 141

I’ve carried on using the lovely handspun yarns donated by Sue from Knit Nottingham.

Day 140 was another merino , an orange/cream/red colourway.

Day 141 was made of ‘assorted wools with a touch of silk ‘ in several shades of browns & cream.

I’ve been busy promoting both knitayear & the E11 crafty Knitters group.

Also had a sewing machine lesson & bought the bits needed for it at very reasonable ( cheap !) prices from a stall on Walthamstow Market

A few market facts ………………….

Walthamstow Market in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, is the longest (though not the largest) daily outdoor market in Europe. It occupies all but the last 100 metres of Walthamstow’s High Street. It is reputed to be a mile long, but in fact measures approximately one kilometre.

History and characteristics of the area

The 19th century Marsh Street, a rural lane, was transformed into the High Street by Victorian expansion. The street market dates from 1885. Today it is the centre of Walthamstow, with the main rail and tube station, bus station, post office and Central Library, and most of the commercial development and activity located around the High Street.

Five days a week (Tuesday – Saturday), the High Street is dominated by Walthamstow Market, and Saturdays are crowded. The Town Square, adjacent to the main market, is home to an occasional Saturday French market. On Sundays the street is quieter, with some shops and cafes open. There is a Sunday morning farmers market at the Town Square.

The street market stretches the entire length of the High Street, apart from the last 100 metres of the street, and has about 500 stalls. The street is lined with shops of different sizes, from small traditionally sized shops to large supermarkets. Generally, the shops do not extend into the side streets, which are densely populated with terraced houses.

The High Street area has a diverse, ethnically mixed population. Forty-one per cent of residents (in the ward as a whole) are classified as black or minority ethnic, mostly Pakistani and African-Caribbean.

The market has kept a traditional cockney feel whilst absorbing influences from the diverse cultures of the area. The overall tone is downmarket but with many interesting and enjoyable aspects.

I am also approaching venues to host the final knitayear piece as the original one is no longer suitable  sadly due to bad management & internal politics of the place.Shame but i’m not putting my energy into negativity & am looking forward to a new venue.

I have my eye on a certain place & will post here once i’ve got it !


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