days 143 & 144

What a stressful & upsetting few days.It’s not easy being a carer of someone with mental health problems , the terrible upset that comes from knowing how much you love them & don’t want them to suffer, the consequences of them not doing what they need in order to be well , how that impacts on me & my health & basic day to day activities.

Sometimes it is so difficult to be able to knit for this project …i may be being shouted at or kept awake all night , attending emergency meetings, dealing with the chaos that has happened in my home & simply too exhausted to feel creative………..but somehow it is an act of will & self preservation that keeps me going.

So yes the last 5 days have been much harder than usual & i’m still recovering from my surgical procedure last weekend and i’ve still knitted.

I am amazed at myself


So the yarns are still the lovely handspun made by Sue of Knit Nottingham .

Day 143 was the purple merino again & day 144 the orange merino again .


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