day 146

Day 146 used the last of the merino plyed with shetland form Sue of Knit Nottingham.

Knit a year has been donated a lovely striped bag to carry it around in , i’m having to be careful how i transport it as it is prone to tangle up.

Today ( day 147 ) i will be going to a knit meet up & start making a hat.I’m very tired so going to get the knitting on this project done early in the day…will use another of Sues’s yarns …not sure which one yet.

It has been such a treat to use them.

The E11 Crafty Knitters  have started to make flowers for our group contribution to the Blooming Marvellous project…also underway are slugs, ladybirds, a pumpkin & a fairy.

Photos of a butterfly & 2 flowers here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The main piece of course is a tree.We will be using a knitting machine to make the trunk using a mixture of brown, tan , cream & grey to make a mottled effect bark.


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