what would have been photos & why am i doing this ?

Well i’m having technical problems here at knitayear H.Q…i need to reinstall an operating system as it won’t allow me to upload my photos at all now.It used to be temperamental now it just doesn’t work.

Anyway i have been knitting & haven’t missed a day.

I did have a whole  evening of really feeling like i didn’t want to continue with this project.Not because i don’t like it,enjoy it or see it’s possibilities BUT for a whole lot of other reasons …………..

i am often tired to the point of exhaustion, my caring role leaves me drained & in turn it becomes just one more thing i have to do.

The evening brought up these questions

Why am i doing this ?

What is the point of it ?

What do i want to achive ?

Will people notice it ? want to know about it ?

What do i want to get out of this ?

I am pleased to say that i choose to continue especially  when i found that people had commented on this blog………….

so i knit another day


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