Days 164 to 168

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it seems whenever i post here that i’m saying how busy it has been…it really has .For me the importance of having a few quiet moments to myself becomes ever more needed.So i am working out bits of time where i can just sit, relax,knit etc.

So the photos taken today using my mobile phone are not great but i still wanted to post something.I’m having technical problems & honestly need to reinstall a system but the  old lack of time is there again !

Yarns used are

day 164   a bright red cotton…i wanted some warm colours in the project

day 165 left over marble chunky in variagated reds/blacks/oranges ..again i wanted the warm colours.This yarn is left over from the finally completed cushion cover that i’ve made for a very dear friend.

day 166 a length of peach/apricot that is part of a rainbow ball of yarn that i’m using to knit squares for the Woolly Bus Project.I started a square in the yarn that day.

day 168  some fluffy polyester/acrylic yarn that was donated & i will use to make squares from.Chosen as it blends with the warm colours of previous days.

day 169….today…yet to decide…………..

I am so excited to be taking part in an International Scarf Exchange via Ravelry…i’m off to buy yarn at the weekend.chatting to my 2 swap partners & getting to know other crafters from around the world…just great.


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