Catch up to day 176

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Again another busy week which i’m pleased to say has found me more relaxed towards the end.That is due to a serious reduction in the amount of stress i’ve been under for the last 18 month….amazing what just 2 weeks reduction of stress & 1 week of mostly calm household can do for a persons’ soul.

I’m knitting away at squares for the woolley bus project & after several tries at patterns have decided on the pattern for the scarf i’m making for the Ravelry International Scarf Exchange.

Yarns used for the last 5 days are various acrylics ( a sea colours theme for a few days there )& some donations.

Today , day 176, i’ve used purple acrylic  & have tied onto the end a charm made for me by Tentcopter using upcycled wire & yarn…it is very delicate & beautiful & i’m pleased to be using it in this project.

Photos not up to usual standard as taken with my mobile …still having camera/ubuntu problems.

Now i’m off to enjoy the sunshine before the sun sets & get the decrease started on the latest square.


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