day 177 to day 181 nearly half way

So , nearly at the half way stage…only 1 more day !

Yarns used have been


day 177 a wild fluffy eyelash in purple ,silver & black donated by Margaret.

day 178 silver eyelash donated by Margaret

day 179 a grey/silver acrylic donated from freecycle

day 180  more of the very very soft 7 yummy purple acrylic that i’ve used several times before….i’m into purple squishy yarns at the moment.


Not been a great few days healthwise & some unwanted news at the hospital.

I do have more arthritis in my neck & shoulder.Also other problems which are causing all the pain/numbness ect in my right arm & hand…more tests to assess carpel tunnel syndrome, more physio including traction , another injection under sedation & possible surgery in the future…so i’m not happy about that.

On the positive i’m kniting away for the Ravelry scarf exchange & have made a new friend there & now have an American penpal.


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