Half way & beyond

I am still so pleased that i’m just over the half way point without missing a day.

Half way day  i knitted with some green,flowery edging used for shalwar khamiz.It was a bit tough to joon in bit looks great on the piece.I choose that as i use ribbon to knit with on birthdays .

The last 2 days have been knitted with some left over james.c.brett marble chunky yarn  , 1 an orangey red & the other purple & green.

What a journey this knie a year project has taken…alongside my own knitting journey & the various life events & my own health.

My own health has been poor & now i have to have another op i’m finding it hard to remain positive all the time.Knitting definately helps & the 2 knit related swaps i’m doing are good fun activities to lift my mood.

I’m alos going to be taking part in a knit & crochet blog week …more info on that soon & watch out for a banner appearing on this blog for that .

Anyway , am off now to eat dinner with my family.Have a good weekend all.


One comment on “Half way & beyond

  1. So excited for you to reach halfway! Well, a little more than halfway now! 🙂 I’m on my last month. It’s a little bittersweet. What to do next? I really will miss it. But it was a great journey.

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