The end of the 2nd journal on Day 190

Day 190 was yesterday & was the last page of the 2nd journal.

yarns used in the last week were more marble chunky, a lovely upcycled 3ply yarn made by Dee of Nottingham, some soft purple acrylic, then some novelty pop pom yarn donated by Margaret from my knitgroup more of the purple, then some of the rainbow acrylic i’m using to make squares & finally on Day 190  some donated turquoise acrylic/cotton mix.

I’m still knitting the scarf for the exchange  & now a caterpiller for the community knitted garden.I want to make a fairy also.With purple wings i think.

The week has been very busy, at times difficult.I’m getting involved in a community art gallery & had an interview for a voluntary post of carers representative for the nhs trust.

The house is a mess ………. instead of letting it get me down as usual i am practicing becoming  ok with it .Being kinder to myself as i am NOT wonderwoman & it has been a tough year & i’ve taken alot of knocks.

Knitting gets me through……………..


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