Knitting for Japan

I have found this blog  via Ravelry that are asking for people to knit squares for blankets for people in Japan.

I’ve copied directly from the blog & put the link in the link section on my blog.

Please help if you can.


A mission for Japan – knit a square
Posted on March 14, 2011 by amiijoanne|

Dear all who read this….

A friend of mine has decided to make up knitted blankets to send onto Japan who have been affected by the recent terrible earthquake and tsnuami. I’m desperately trying to help her and her friends on this quest and hope I can enlist some fellow knitters (or crocheters!) with this mission.

If you would like to help we are knitting square blocks that will be sewn together into blanket size. Any squares can be sent to me and I’ll bundle them up and send on. Alternatively donations of yarn would be welcome too.

Squares need to be approx. 8 inches x 8 inches (20cm for the metric ones of us) leave a long tail at the end after casting off so they can be sewn together quickly. I’ve found that if I cast on 35 stitches in a DK weight yarn it’s roughly 8″ across.

If you would like to help, please get in touch and I can send you my address.

A couple of points to note…. apparently it’s best to avoid white as it is the colour of mourning in Japan but red is lucky and yellow and pink are meant to represent happiness. Also if you do make enough squares to make up a blanket, try to avoid the sewing the blocks together in groups of 4 or 9 and those numbers are considered to be unlucky


4 comments on “Knitting for Japan

    • Hi, please check the link as all the information is there.I’ve also found another group for knitting squares for Japan on facebook, called Mission For Japan

  1. Hi, just to be clear it’s not me that set this up, i’m joining in & promoting it where i can.
    The link to the site with all of the information you will need is in the links section of this blog, scroll down to the bottom of the page for my links.Thanks

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