Photo update from day 200 to day 210

Photos show from day 200 to day 210.I’ve used donated acrylics , recycled sari yarn & some handspun shetland made by Sue of Knit Nottingham.

The 2nd journal  has been completed & shown in photos here.  The new one started on day 200.

Life has been challenging with plenty of stress to do with money & caring & being ill.

I really don’t now how i’ve got through , don’t know when i will next have any money & through it all there is the pain.

So i’ve joined some online support groups  & just have to believe that it will get better.

I have enjoyed getting some post via Ravelry , a swap & a letter from America. I made a handmade card to send back using collage & a selection of upcycled & donated yarns .

I’ve been to a carers meeting & had 2 hospital appointments.Haven’t been able to manage much knitting except this knit a year project.

I really want some positive changes in my life……i need more support & some happy relaxing times……..


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