day 247

I’ve yet to knit today……what a busy & frustrating day.I have got to the stage of making official complaints about the quality of service received from the team dealing with my daughter.

Not feeling much like knitting but i know on days like this it is the best thing to do as it is the 1 activity that is just for me & now that i’m at day 247 ; well over half way  with the project; that i’m determined to see it through.It has also raised a sense of curiosity within me about how i will feel during the last part of the project.Questions such as how much have i grown as a person , the project is & has been much more than the actual knitting…the knitting is great & creating such a large piece is interesting.It has more meaning & i’m on the journey to finding out exactly what that is.

I’ve had a look in the yarn drawers & chosen a yellow acrylic   for today.Pictures tomorrow.