day 258…an arty adventure

I had an arty adventure yesterday.I found myself having to wait in central London for the day whilst my daughter was on a course so i decided to have a long walk about to various galleries & gardens & squares.

the last place i visited was The Crypt at St.martins In The Fields right by Trafalgar Square.I had never been there before & loved the glass elevator entrance.The exhibition was The Big Issue 20th Anniversary Exhibition “Hard Times” by Paul Wenham-Clarke.

Info below from The Big Issue

The Big Issue will be marking its 20th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebrations a landmark exhibition; “Hard Times”, by award-winning photographer, Paul Wenham-Clarke, will be running from 3 March – 30 June downstairs in the foyer at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square.
Having exhibited nationally and internationally, Paul Wenham-Clarke recently received a gold award from the Association of Photographers for his work in “Hard Times”, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Photography at The Arts University College of Bournemouth.
Exploring the realities of homelessness in 21st century Britain, the body of work that forms this groundbreaking exhibition gives a rare insight into the day-to-day challenges, the aspirations and the backgrounds of a number of Big Issue vendors from across the U.K. The iconic St Martin-in-the-Fields providing the perfect context in which to reflect upon the progress made by this remarkable organisation, as it was from here that the Big Issue was initially launched in 1991.

Photos found on the internet as i forgot to take my camera out with me 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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