SOAS Japanese Roof Garden

The Japanese-inspired roof garden at the School of Oriental and African Studies was built during the Japan 2001 celebrations and was officially opened by the sponsor, Mr Haruhisa Handa (Toshu Fukami), an Honorary Fellow of the School, on 13 November 2001. It provides an area away from the noise and bustle of London streets, where visitors can relax and meditate.

The garden is dedicated to Forgiveness, which is the meaning of the Kanji character engraved on the garden’s granite water basin.

Peter Swift, a designer with experience of adapting Japanese garden design principles to the British environment and climate, conceived the garden as a place of quiet contemplation and meditation as well as a functional space complementary to the Gallery and its artistic activities.

A small stage can be used for dramatic or musical productions, for tea ceremonies or displays. Or it can be used simply as seating.

I love to visit the Japanese roof garden at SOAS , such a peaceful, quiet oasis right in the centre of a very busy area.Each time i’ve been i have been blessed by being the only person there.A chance to sit quietly for 10 mins or so is perfect.


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