International Yarn Bombing Day 2011

Information if you want to get involved The 11th June 2011 is International Yarn Bombing Day. I am going to take my needles up and start knitting ready for the 11th. If you knit too, why not get involved?

“Welcome to International Yarn Bombing Day! This year it will be happening on June 11, 2011. IYBD was created by a lady from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Knitting and crocheting is a great hobby of hers and yarn bombing is always fun. Everyone who has yarn bombed in the past knows that some thing as simple as a knit/crocheted flower can brighten someones day. So lets get together ‘globally’ and brighten many peoples days. …oh and did I mention its fun…!!!

So far people from around the global have confirmed they want to participate. Knitters/crocheters from Canada, USA,Germany, Italy, France, England, and India have all said they are IN!…Come join us.

Got bomb pics you would like to share? send them to

Check us out on Facebook and on Ravelry“

For more details follow the International Yarn Bombing blog and let them know if you are going to get involved.


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