Surfacing after tough few days

I’ve knitted during the most awful,worrying,scary days.I found support by phoning a helpline called papyrus…they were brilliant & helped me to support my daughter & listened to my fears.

I often don’t have time to catch up with my feelings about what is happening to my daughter before the next  event takes place.1 day it’s preventing suicide, the next it’s hyper happy & as if nothing has happened.caring for a teen with bi-polar is a challenge & i’m left reeling from dealing with one situation & not equipped for the next one.I’m doing my best as a mother & as a carer & it never seems enough.Today i am grateful that my daughter is alive.

Papyrus were there when i needed expert help & advice & a listening ear.If you can support their work, please do.

A little about Papyrus, please also click on the link.

PAPYRUS is the UK charity dedicated to prevention of young suicide.
HOPELineUK 0800 068 41 41

Our confidential helpline for practical advice

If you are

– a young person worried about yourself, or

– someone concerned about a young person you know

don’t hesitate to call

What we do
Support young people who may be at risk of suicide and those concerned about them
Support research and campaign for change
Share expertise and good practice
Produce resources for families and professionals


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