Thoughts & ramblings

Now that the Arts Trails are soon approaching & i’m in the trail map it has led to alot of thinking about the project.

When i started i was a relatively healthy, working, mum.Very soon after i became a carer, became ill with arthritis & needed hospital treatment & physiotherapy,became unemployed .I hesitate to say unemployed as i have been being a full time carer since, often around the clock with no break or sleep on some occasions.

When i started the blog i had an idea of it being all about the yarn……….pretty pictures & text describing the yarn & how it felt to work with it………

Instead of that life’s twists & turns have led me down a different path.. the path of endeavouring to complete the knitting each day, write in the journal, glue in the yarn , take photos & blog…phew all of that whilst life had gone off into realm i wasn’t prepared for & knew nothing about.

So now the story has become about the effort & sometimes struggle of being able to knit each day….i am pleased to say that i haven’t missed a single day.Often i will get to the end of the day , eyes closing ready for bed but i get that yarn out & knit.It can be a way of getting a tiny bit of time for myself.

Other times  i’m phoning my partner asking for reasons to continue with it..he always helps me through those times & once i start to knit am very pleased that i did.Without his gentle reminding during the rough times of caring i would have downed needles & yarn & given up.

Other times this project is what has given me strength to do the best in my caring role as it has shown me how strong i can be ……….

i never thought so much would come out of this project.

I’m so happy today that i decided to do it. 




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