Sunday Morning Musings

I have woken early & seen a peep of sunshine so have had my spirits lifted.

So far the Poll results are showing banana yarn as favourite to knit with me today.The banana yarn i have is a beautiful turquoise colour so will contrast nicely to the oranges/pinks of the last few days.

The yarns over the last few days have been in bright carnival type colours in celebration of the art trails coming up.The 1st time i’ve ever done anything like this , anything “arty ” & i am loving it & slightly nervous about being in art trails too.

The batteries are charging for the camera so photos are taken with my old mobile phone…i hope they’ve captured some of the exuberance of the yarns.

The hollyhock was spotted by my local bus stop …i have been inspired to knit one…i’m sure suitable yarn will be found in the donations drawer.

I am going to try some yoga with my daughter at a leisure centre nearby today…hope it helps to shift the last of this cold/cough/ear/chest/tonsillitus thing i’ve had for over a week.


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