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When  i started this project i had been inspired by reading about an artist Beth Barlow who had done a knit a year project & had created a group for people interested in doing their own projects.

Technology got in the way & i & others were unable to join the group.

On the Ravelry group for those knitting for a year  the following info is there for those curious about starting their own project.

Beth Barlow described this as a art project and a life project. So what you end up with is up to you. Cast on just a few stitches and make long blanket strips, cast on more and end up with a scarf, cast on 4 and knit up a TON of icord and make it into a rug. 🙂 It’s entirely up to YOU and what you want out of this project.

I decided to do a knitting project anyway & it was initially inspired by Beth Barlow’s idea.

My project is a reflection of my life & ideas.It is partly an eco project to use up unwanted yarns,fabric,plastic bags, tinsel  in fact anything that would otherwise have gone into landfill & i felt i could knit with !

I thought that i would pick a yarn that i liked the colour of each day but in reality i knit with the next yarn/material i find in the bag of donations.

In previous posts i have  said how my life has changed since starting this project & it has now evolved in an organic way , it certainly isn’t a neat,tidy knitting project …it is in fact a reflection of how my life has been a major journey.

The project has seen me making friends from all over the world via other blogs, others doing a year of knitting, on Ravelry etc , sharing ideas & knitting stories.This is a great thing.

I am now using the knitting as a vehicle to engage with some of the most vulnerable groups in society.

I will be sharing my love of knitting & basic knitting skills as a volunteer with refugee families & mental health service users & carers. I never thought that my journey with knitting would be so profound.

On a personal level it has seen me through the toughest of times & also been a struggle

i refer to my post thoughts & ramblings……………….


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