Hot sun & knitting for Trees

Still knitting in any shady spots i can find.Life has been of course very busy with some nice time spent with creative , arty friends.

 I have a few projects on the go & will post photos once they are finished.

I have lost my way with the knitayear journals, it started when i was exhausted & just couldn’t get to do it & now i’ve lost my connection to the journals.So today is the day to get that connection back & start afresh with them.

I’m getting involved in a project called Art Grows On Trees , so afr am going to knit some flowers & leaves.Who knows what else i will feel inspired to knit before September.Note to self , make something small so you have time to enjoy the process rather than rush to a deadline.

A bit of info on the project here…..

Posted on June 16, 2011 by admin

The pathway connecting Walthamstow Bus Station with the Town Square is surrounded by what might look like your usual row of trees to the many untrained eyes passing them on the way to Selbourne Shopping Mall.

Only some attentive souls have noticed though that we are in fact looking at a very special kind of tree. Trees that carry a rather unusual kind of fruit around Art Trail time.

As a result of gentle nursing by members of the Waltham Forest Arts Club, this September will be the fifth season during which the trees will be growing pieces of art for all members of the community to pick, take home and enjoy.

The trees will be in particularly full bloom on Saturday 3 and Saturday 10 September 2011. These are the days when art pickers are most likely to find a nice, fresh choice.


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