casting on for the Maze

I’ve cast on my knitting for The Maze.I’m using some donated acrylic/polyester in a lilac,pale blue & grey with black thread through it.

I’m using my biggest wooden needles but am after some even bigger ones. 

Starting to cast on for the maze reminded me of a mini stone circle that i saw in the Goodmayes hospital grounds recently when i attended a carers ref group meeting…………i saw it & wanted to do some yarn bombing.

The other photos show my journal which i really need to do.I was so exhausted a few weeks back that i couldn’t do it & then just couldn’t  feel up to it…it felt like a failure & was up to me to shift that feeling.It’s still there a bit but i have cut myself some slack….i was exhausted/ill/a carer & i managed to knit so something in this project had to give.I’ve decided that those weeks will have “exhausted ” written throughout that section.

I wanted this whole year to be an honest account of my life & it wouldn’t be true to that if i “caught up ” with keeping the journal when in reality my life was so tough that i wasn’t up to writing or sticking yarn into a journal.

Doing this project came about as i discovered that others all over the world were doing it …i thought “hey, i can do that “.It has been something to keep me going & enabled me to feel connected to others via the effort involved in knitting a whole year………… a vital connection to the world outside of how tough times have been for me here.

Without that connection & interaction with other knit a year people my life would be the poorer. 

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4 comments on “casting on for the Maze

  1. Hi Jay, I heard about your project through the Leytonstone Art Trail leaflet. You’ve inspired me to start my own – stitch a year. I taught myself some basic embroidery stitches this year but haven’t done much with it. Doing something like this is just the incentive I need! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m in Walthamstow and hope to meet you on the Leytonstone Art Trail soon.

    • Hi Tammy, than you so much.Look forward to seeing you , maybe bring some stitching along & sit for a bit with me at the library.The final piece will be in E17 art trail at Walthamstow library later this year.Do check out the 365 make something everyday blog ( link on this blog ) so many people being inspired by each other, just great.

  2. Thanks – yes I have checked that blog out, it’s great. I see you’re going to do the river of stones too, fantastic! There’s a wonderful community of people I’ve met (virtually) through doing that.

    • Hi, yes i saw the river of stones & realllly felt drawn to do it.I know what you mean re the wonderful community that is out there, i’ve found that by doing this project.I love that sense of a virtual network of friendly folk out there

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