knitting amazement

Photos show the knitting so far for the maze.I have used the same yarns for the knitayear piece.

I’m enjoying using the wooden needles …………..i have a wish list for a whole lot of wooden & bamboo needles.

It is very difficult to be able to knit at the moment…alot of stress & worry involved with caring .I don’t want to get into moaning about my lot ( there is always someone worse off ) but for me here,now, today it is difficult.

I want to spend time by myself being able to think , stretch out & relax,read a book , knit………..not be being harried & worried & wondering where the next bill money is going to come from etc

It is absurd that in order to qualify for carers allowance your cared for person has to be in receipt of DLA..even tho you have a carers assessment& are are told you are entitled to respite & other help you can’t get that unless you get carers allowance.

A catch 22 situation.

I have pressure to go to work, pressure to be a carer , then to be told that it isn’t a good thing to have your young cared for person being labeled due  to getting DLA……..i know that.It is the political system that makes up these rules.

All i want is for my daughter to be well, happy getting on with her future & for me to be able to work & have some time for myself. 

Another reason to be creating this project & others .It is opften a struggle but at least i feel i’m having something for me, something creative & if i can inspire others to be creative in whatever way then i have a happy heart. 

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