on the radio

I just found out that i was talked about on BBC radio London , on the Robert Elms show on Saturday 9th July !

To listen to the show , use BBC Iplayer, bbc radio london, Saturday 9th July, Robert Elms show at approx 0.48 of the way through the show. 

For more information & to read what was spoken about please go to the media link section on this site.It will take you to 

gathered from coincidence 

Mentioned by  Clare Dwyer Hogg  , information about her is here taken from her blog

Officially 9-5 I am a journalist. This means: I work as an editor for The Independent Saturday Magazine; broadcast once a fortnight on BBC London’s The Robert Elms Show (the main reason for this blog, to keep the listeners up to date!) and have presented my investigative journalism on BBC Radio 5 live Donal MacIntyre show. I also write freelance for a variety of publications, and have written a foreword for this book. I hold one award for human rights journalism, given to me in Italy.


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