The woman behind the Knitted Maze


This is a thank you post for the amazing woman behind the Knitted Maze idea.Her name is Sophie & she runs Twist Yarns.
Sophie & her team spread the word & inspired knitters from near & far to take part.
These people were up & assembling the maze from 4.30 a.m
Well done all & thanks for such a great day.


6 comments on “The woman behind the Knitted Maze

  1. I’m not a knitter, but Sophie and her friends inspired me to buy some (very big) needles and make a few feet towards the project. Which I enjoyed so much that I’m thinking of buying some yarn and making a very simple jumper this autumn.

    The knitted maze made a fantastic start to the festival. When I first saw it at 7.30 am yesterday it looked so beautiful in the early morning sun that I actually burst into tears.

    Thank you Sophie.

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