Countdown,knitting day 10






Yesterday was day 10 of the countdown.
The novelty yarn was easy to knit with,slipping easily along the needles.something that at the start of my knitting journey I would have found impossible to do.starting this knitayear project as a new knitter seemed a huge concept but as it has progressed I’ve become a more confident knitter,trying out new techniques,learning to read & follow knitting patterns & experimenting with yarns.I have fallen in love with yarn & all its possibilities.
The photos show the novelty yarn of yesterday & the last 3 days of knitting.
I really like the contrast between the upcycled yarn with all of its textures & earthy colours ,the blue cotton with It’s clearly defined stitches & the wild,gaudy novelty yarn.
Now onwards to knit day 9 …..


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