I went to Fabricity

I went to see the Fabricity exhibition at the Barbican…..i only discovered it was on yesterday morning so it was great to see it on the last few days.Some beautiful items including the most delicate knitting with wire.
A bit of information here is taken from the website

Textiles by Fabricity, in the Barbican library foyer October 2011, shows work inspired by the first exhibition of the Blue Rider artists in 1911.
Fabricity is a group of textile artists from Morley College’s Advanced Textile Workshop.

Our theme is the centenary of the first exhibition of the Blue Rider (Blaue Reiter) group of artists in Munich in 1911, a key event in twentieth-century art for establishing abstract art as a legitimate pursuit. This exhibition was a considered response to the rejection of Kandinsky’s Composition V for another exhibition because it was too abstract. The Blue Rider artists set out key themes in early twentieth century art: art could be representational or abstract, and artists could be inspired by work such as Bavarian glass painting or Easter Island sculptures as well as by European artistic traditions and more recent innovations. The close link with music was marked by the inclusion of an essay by Schoenberg in the Blue Rider Almanac, as well as other articles linking visual art with music. The onset of the First World War broke up this international group of artists, as some of them had to leave Germany, and Franz Marc, August Macke, and Vladimir Burliuk died in the war. However, because both Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee later taught at the Bauhaus the significant influence of the Blue Rider Group continued to be felt.

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