Reclaiming,phoenix from the flames



During the walk this morning I gathered some sticks to use in a little fire.I was mindful whilst collecting that I needed something to release a lot of stress & resentment that had built up .I love the symbolism of the phoenix & so a fire was lit.
It took me back to happy times ,the bright flames & warmth were just right.
I feel much better.
It hasn’t been easy to express how I’ve felt lately & doing so via the blog in a public way  perhaps not the way I would naturally choose, but it is one way to feel that I’m being have those two comments lifted my spirits & gave me a connection outside of my own life.
Now its time for me to remember that every moment can be joyous …


3 comments on “Reclaiming,phoenix from the flames

  1. I have a small eucalyptus plant…I saved last years dried leaves. I think adding some to my hearth fire… somehow I do not think my neighbors will be thinking of a phoenix rising. But I will be happy.

  2. Walking outside always makes me feel better too. I don’t know if it is the exercise, the fresh air, or the change of scenery that makes the difference, but it always works. We really don’t spend enough time outside anymore (or at least, I don’t!) I’ve been helping my kid deliever newspaper fliers lately, and even that makes me fell better! Keep it up is the trick!

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